Smoke Disposable Electronic Hookahs

Comes in 10 popular flavors: Apple Strawberry, Grape, Blueberry, Mango, Peach’, Blueberry, Energy, Cherry, and Watermelon.

Why choose Smoke

Smoke Premium Disposable Electronic Hookah, also known as Smoke eShisha, is the first brand in New Zealand to launch an electronic hookah (ehookah or shisha) that contains a glycerine based liquid that has NO NICOTINE, NO TAR and NO TOBACCO. Smoke eShisha is ideal for consumers who enjoy social vaping without the harshness and negative effects of tobacco, tar and nicotine.

Smoke eShisha products are the #1 rated selling e-hookah products according to consumers – they are simply the highest quality electronic hookahs, also known as eshisha. You may find brands that look similar however, we can guarantee that you will not find any other brand that will give you the full smooth taste and the thick VAPOUR THUNDER CLOUDS – to  be enjoyed anywhere and everywhere!

At Smoke, we are eshisha enthusiast ourselves, and take great pride in the wonderful fresh flavours and pleasant aromas produced by Smoke eShisha pens. There are never any buttons to push, messy liquids to refill, or nasty burnt aftertaste.

Try our Smoke Premium Disposable Electronic Hookahs NOW if you haven’t got the chance to, we can assure you won’t regret it.

Socioeconomic Benefit

The recreational use of tobacco is an old tradition across many different cultures. Despite the numerous warnings on the packages, the published research, documentaries and the anti-smoking campaigns smoking continues to be a habit. We want to support a cleaner and healthier New Zealand by offering a fun alternative to smoking – vaping. We support SMOKEFREE Aotearoa/NZ 2025.

If we take a leaf out of history, banning alcohol during Prohibition didn’t work; similarly banning tobacco products won’t work either. Again similarly to Prohibition, banning tobacco products may push them into the black market. This gives those who operate in this area another source of income. As well as reduces the control the governing bodies have over the content of the tobacco products (e.g. percentage of tar). We propose giving people a cost effective and FUN alternative – vaping.

Vaping fulfils the hand to mouth behavioural pattern developed by smoking, thus vaping has the potential to help people reduce their cigarette consumption. With the delicious flavours and yummy smelling thunder clouds produced from vaping SMOKE Shisha pens, vaping is an altogether more pleasant, healthier and enjoyable experience for both the vapee and their companions.

The SmokeShisha has moved on — no orders shall be fulfilled.